Pushed times for final matches due to high number of entries

This year both SAF-pokalen and the Rehbinder Prize have got record number of entries. Last year we had 104 men and 67 women participation while this year it will be 137 men and 106 women – a total increase of 42% (32% more men and 58% more women)! Wow!

This is of course super exciting and makes us really happy, but it also challenged our time schedule. To get it all together we have maximised the number of pists and updated the times for when each round in the tableau starts – hence also the finals.

New times for finals are:

Saturday (men’s): 18:00

Sunday (women’s): 17:45

The change is biggest for the women, where the final is pushed 1h 15 min. We are hoping this does not cause major problems for any fencers.

Please let us know if we can assist you in any way with your planning. Either way, see you next weekend!!

the Organising Committee

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